The Ride

          Summer is the best season to escape from the pressure in school and enjoy the comfort of nature especially when traveling. I was in a vacation when it held me into something like an adventure which I prefer to be one of the most unforgettable experiences I ever had.

             This memorable summer happened at the place where my mother spent her childhood years. The place was filled with coconut trees everywhere, with cogon grasses near the main road somewhere at the mountainous site of Aurora, Zamboanga del Sur. The travel took four hours from home but it excites my nerves to open my eyes through the journey. In traveling there, I was amazed with the tranquil beauty of nature when my two eyes witnessed the scrutiny of Lanao del Norte and Ozamis City. I was also able to locate the tall Mt. Malindang as well as the silent water of Panguil Bay. That opportunity breaks the isolation of me from the noise down the panorama.

            When we arrived at my aunt’s house, I wasn’t able to have some rest since I can’t wait jamming with my cousins on the farm. My closest cousin, Joveniel—a young tall good-looking man, drive me into a notable incident. He let me ride on the posterior of “the man’s beast of burden”, Carabao. I found it very exhilarating and made my heart feel queer. I hesitantly deal with it on the thought that it might hurt me and fell me off the ground. But what gives me guts was the encouragement of my other cousins to give it a try. So, I tied my wavy hair and ready myself into the adventure. I just can’t imagine my facial expression when I had ridden it going down the hill to let it drink some cold flowing water. But what I can assure is that it made my stomach filled with butterflies on it projecting a sign of nervousness including the cold sweats on my brows, forehead and at my back.

           While letting the Carabao rest for some time, we get some delicious guavas on the tree near my uncle’s hut. It was then I noticed that it’s small in size and yellowish on the inside but taste sweeter than the fruit on our guava tree at home. What challenges me again was harvesting some peanuts and camote with my bare hands which was cultivated by my uncle on his garden. After doing such things, I ride again in the back of the Carabao to bring it on its stock. My tension arouses when it climbed on the hill thus I can’t dare to look down my eyes since it seems so high that if I had lose my balance I would pitifully fall. It was like a nerve breaking experience resisting the intense pull of gravity as if all the saints can’t even help the crucial situation I thought leaving my other leg on its grave. According to one of my cousin, I was so frightened and my whitish face turned into a sort of reddish one same as the face of a drunken person. With that hilarious description, I really laugh on what I did and whenever I recalled it, I just showed my biggest silly smile.

           Indeed, it’s one of the happiest and enjoyable memories on the history of my life, the most thrill-seeking ride I ever experienced.


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