Failed Aspiration

cries of the No answer!

Have you ever experienced aspiring something and doing all the best that you can just to achieve it? But how about through all your efforts, you turned it into failure? Go on reading my story and discover how I react on it.

A lot of school organization develops students’ talent and one of the finest clubs a student could affiliate in school is to be one of the staff of a school newspaper, especially being an editor-in-chief of it.

I was a graduating high school student when an opportunity comes my way. I didn’t expect that I would be one of the nominees for the editor-in-chief position in our school newspaper, The SEER. I was astounded when by name was written on the board during the election to be voted for the said position. Well, honestly, a smile painted my face when I got a higher vote than the other candidates since I aspire to be it but I was still worried about the big responsibility that I will be handling for the whole school year. What gave me hope were the encouraging words of our school newspaper advisers, saying “You have the potential, Dain. Don’t be afraid to show it. We know you could do your part, well.”

I, 16 years of age — a modest young lady with a Filipina skin tone and beauty having a wavy hair, took it as a challenge.

Months after the said election, I and one of our adviser, attended regional workshop training. Its venue was at the City of Golden Friendship, Cagayan de Oro City. The training was all about how we are going to do our part well as the head of the paper and do some activities on lay-outing the newspaper including the making of its content. During the training, my adviser receives a comment from the other participants saying, “Uie..! You brought a good student since she concentrates much on the training and look she isn’t yet able to move her snacks.” Upon hearing that remark, my heart blooms into gorgeous flower and persist on what I did.

Weeks after the training, I and my staffers met almost every day for our preparation for the Division Schools Press Conference. I did everything what is needed not just only as an editor-in-chief but also as a friend to them. Then, when everyone is working with their task, it’s the time for me to work on mines too. Sometimes, our adviser would asked, “Where is Dainie?” Then, a staffer would answer, “Ma’am she’s on her favorite spot, at the corner, she’s very TH on her write-ups”. Then our adviser would just smile. I usually wanted to be alone, at that time, since I aim on reaping awards for the honor of our school.

October came and our most awaited event happened, the conference. It was friendly competed with the different public high schools in our division. With that hoped to grab awards, each us did our paramount to present a good article. After every staffer of ours finished their contest, our advisers had their follow up about it. When I had finished mine, I was asked by Teacher Charity, but I just said “Ma’am I did my best, that’s what I know.” Then, an angelic smile painted her face after I utter those words which made me feel confident. The contest took 2 days of quest and the 3rd day was the revelation of winners in every category. Cheers of participants filled the hall, every time their co-staffer enters the stage. In fact, I cheered when my co-staffers were able to be at the top 10.

The most pressured part was when it comes into my category. My heart beat faster and felt that butterflies on my stomach. Before the result was divulged, I can also sense as if the top of the world trying to control unexpected movements with that sweats on me as a sign of nervousness. I can really feel that my advisers expected that I could qualify for the regional contest just like what I did the other year but, I failed them. I was just ranked at the top 6 and discouragement filled my face as I receive my certificate. My co-staffers comforted me saying “That’s okay Dain, at least because of your efforts on encouraging us to do our part during our meetings in school, all of us belongs to the circle of ten.” Though they said those words, I just can’t really hide the sadness I felt inside. The night after the event, I was lying on my bed remembering what I have written on my article. I just can’t accept that I eagerly did everything but I ended into a loser, a failure. While emoting, my phone beeps and when I opened the message, it was a text from our adviser which states, “Dain, we’ve seen your efforts for the honor of the school and we appreciated it. Don’t be too discouraged.” Suddenly, my tears keep falling from my eyes and at first I just can’t control it. I rushed into the door of my room and closed it slowly so that my parents won’t see me crying. Then, I cried it as long as I could until I fell asleep.

The morning came with that eye bugs, I realized that whatever great opportunities may come if it’s not meant for you then it will not be for you. Sometimes it will just pass us by and leave lessons for us to learn. Merely, its God’s best way for us to be transformed into a better person in terms of facing our lives .Thus, reminding us that no one is perfect and not all we wanted will be granted especially those earthly aspirations. It also made me ponder that since God didn’t let me qualify, I know a better opportunity is waiting that is really meant for me.

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